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Students learn socialization and participate with each other because IMPACT’s classes are inclusive, challenging, active and fun! IMPACT meets or exceeds the teacher/student balance required by the Lee County School District. Thus every class is staffed by a high ratio of licensed ITDS and/or certified teachers to students.

Areas of Growth for all Preschool Children

  • Language and Communication
  • Self-help skills
  • Social interactions, Coping skills, and Self-regulation skills
  • Safety issues
  • Pre-academic skills
  • Overall motor development
  • Fine motor development
  • and much more…

Setting up for Success

Focusing on a healthy and interactive learning environment is our faculty’s goal to ensure your child has a wonderful time at our learning center. Peace of mind, as a parent is and should be a result each day when your child comes home. Knowing they enjoyed their experience and continue to grow through our supportive and nurturing educational program.

• Room to move
• Less is more
• Visual displays
• Communication opportunities
• Facilitating play
• Anticipate challenging behaviors

Our Core Programs

Reading Skills

We create a print rich environment, adding pictures to the text for cognitive support and language development purposes.

Aided Language Stimulation
Pointing out the words as we use them.

• Books- emphasize a repetitive line, key vocabulary with pictures or symbols
• Music – a great place to start! Help to remember the words to a song.

Incorporating Math

Teaching math skills to our students should focuses on hands-on activities involving numbers, colors, shapes and counting. Working with puzzles, crayons, counting books and pre-made materials provide students with exposure to basic math skills in the classroom.

Functional Skills

Our teachers incorporate these skills in activities throughout the day. Some of these life skills include toilet training, drinking, eating and washing the hands and face. Overall motor skills are part of the curriculum and includes the use of assistive devices — such as hearing aids, walkers and communication notebooks — and skills that help with recreational activities such as games, dancing and learning motions to songs.

Social Skills

Social skills are a daily part of the curriculum for our students. Play centers are used to foster social interaction among all students and their peers. Students are placed in a small play area tend to communicate with one another better than being placed in a large play area. Our Teachers encourage social interaction by our special needs students to give them the opportunity to mimic good social skills. Positive reinforcements, such as stickers and prizes, also encourage students to continue exhibiting appropriate social skills.

These are just a few areas of education we provide for our students